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Viltrox Photo Studio Lighting Kit 1.9M Tripod Light Stand + Flash Bracket Holder + 33” Soft Black silver reflective umbrella




Please choose the right combination according to your needs.

LED light and Flash does not include!!!


  1. Combo one: Swivel Bracket Mount D-2 * 1
  2. Combo two: Swivel Bracket Mount D-2+190cm Light Stand+White soft Umbrella * 1
  3. Combo three: Swivel Bracket Mount M+190cm Light Stand+Silver/Black Reflective Umbrella * 1
  4. Combo four: White+Silver/Black Reflective Umbrella * 1










  1.  This is a classic studio lighting kit. This white translucent umbrella can be used either as a shoot through or bounce light to reduce shadow and produce an even soft, low contrast light over a relatively large area.
  2.  For shoot through, it allows approximately 50% light transmission. It acts like a very large softbox at a very low cost. Great for small products shooting or portrait shooting.

 1 x 190cm Light Stand

  •  Top Quality Aluminum Adjustable Light Stand is very good for professional photographer for their studio.
  •  It can be used for many purposes , strobe flash lights, backgrounds and with reflectors
  •  Height is adjustable from 78 to 190CM
  •  1/4″ screw tip on the stem
  •  Uses quick release levers, allowing full and smooth height adjustments
  •  Footprint is 40CM to provide extra stability
  •  Made from alluminum alloy with a professional black satin finish
  •  Folds up quickly and easily
  •  70CM long when closed

 Professional Silver/Black Reflective Umbrella

  •  Colour: 1,Silver and Black 2,White
  •  Diameter:84cm/33”
  •  Weight: 300g
  •  This umbrella is used in professional studios and helps to give a better skin tone and contrast control. The Silver Umbrella softens all light sources, and reflects more light than a translucent umbrella or soft-box. Last but not least, it is very easy to carry with you wherever you want to.

 Flash Shoe Holder Swivel Bracket Mount M

  •  All Hot-Shoe Flashes and Flash Triggers(exclude Sony&Minolta Flashes due to different Flash Shoe Socket).
  •  All Size Diffuser and Reflector Umbrellas;
  •  All Flash Light Stands
  •  Hot Shoe Size can be adjusted(17-23mm).
  •  Color:black
  •  Weight: 116g
  •  Size: 10x6x5cm
  •  Material:Anodized Aluminum Metal + ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)

Package Include:

Combo one:

1 x Swivel Bracket Mount D-2 


Combo two:

1 x Swivel Bracket Mount D-2

1 x 190cm Light Stand

1 x  White soft Umbrella * 1


Combo three:

1 x  Swivel Bracket Mount M

1 x 190cm Light Stand

1 x  Silver/Black Reflective Umbrella


Combo four:

1 x White+Silver/Black Reflective Umbrella


LED light and Flash does not include!!!



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