The worst female Goalkeeper ever U17 Women

Let's get those funny replies that this video had on youtube


Let’s get those funny replies that this video had on youtube:

What a fail:

Often titles of videos exaggerate a bit, but this one is right on. What a fail. How did she get on this team?

Lol at all these people trying to defend her with “YOU CAN’T DO BETTER”. We don’t have to. Just like you don’t have to be a five-star chef to say that some food you ate tasted like shit.

It’s funny that all the players in this video are god awful. Especially the striker on the first one. Did you see how she kicked it?

What goalkeepers in FIFA would be like:

She is gonna get sued for copyrighting the goalkeepers in FIFA.

The debate referee or the deciding figure:

Had this been a male, everyone would have been mocking the shit out of him. However, since this is a female the comment section has been divided 50/50 – one defending her and the other mocking her.

The dirty goalkeeper:

If she can’t grab those balls, then she’s gonna have the harder time grabbing other balls.

All old cliche is it a woman or a man:

Just by reading some of these comments I can tell these haters never kicked a soccer ball a day in their lives. Playing goal is the most stressful position in the game. If the GK has a bad day then IDC how many Ronaldo’s or Messi’s you have on your team, you will lose. This girl clearly had a bad day and we all aren’t perfect all the time. I would love to see how these haters put on those gloves and see how good they are playing goal.

Well, that was funny:

LOL, my 50-year-old mom is better than that.

My Old Scheel Goal Keeping Story:

Well, I would laugh, if I weren’t a goalkeeper myself. Once I’ve conceded a really stupid goal during one match in a junior league when the opposite team didn’t have enough players and so they had to add some young boys (12-14 years of age) to their roster.

And one of them made a high shot from a long distance, I was afraid it was going just under the bar, and so I jumped and tried to catch it (I didn’t want to deflect it to give them a corner kick). But I terribly failed. My jump wasn’t high enough, so I just reached the ball with my fingers, the ball fell out of my reach, and the young boy took a sprint and scored a goal with his head. It’s a pity I don’t have any video for you to see how damn stupid it was. So I feel always sorry for such goalkeepers.




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