What! No Salman Khan and Aamir Khan in Andaz Apna Apna Sequel?


Keep in mind the 1994 rib-stimulating comic drama, Andaz Apna? How might you not! Amar and Prem are clashing many relationships, wrongdoing expert Gogo’s interesting shenanigans and Karisma and Raveena’s sweet fellowship, Andaz Apna is one film that’ll never be overlooked. Indeed, there’s some uplifting news for you! Rajkumar Santoshi has affirmed a spin-off of the film, giving fans something energizing to anticipate!

Be that as it may, hang on! There’s some awful news as well! The notorious twosome, Aamir, and Salman Khan won’t be a piece of the continuation. Clarifying the explanation behind letting the performing artists well enough alone for the spin-off, Rajkumar Santoshi said to DNA, “For funniness, you require guiltlessness. That time, these on-screen characters had the blamelessness. Presently, it will look constrained. It looks adorable if a 20-year-old is pursuing a young lady. A 45-50-year-old man pursuing young ladies looks disgusting.”

Talking about the throwing, the executive uncovered, “There is Ranveer Singh, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan… They are for the most part encouraging performing artists and they have the talent for comic drama. I will get the great ability for the film.”

Despite the fact that we’ll truly miss viewing the Salman-Aamir many relationships in the continuation, we can hardly wait to discover Will’s identity the tried their parts! Who might you need to find in the part of Amar and Prem?

Article Source: http://bit.ly/2uZSUTP


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