Vikram Chatterjee arrested by Kolkata Police for the death of Sonika Chauhan


On-screen character Vikram Chatterjee, who was beforehand blamed for rash and careless driving, and was later accused of a chargeable crime not adding up to kill for the demise of city display Sonika Chauhan, has been captured by Kolkata Police the previous evening.

The on-screen character was captured for the at fault murder considering the ceaseless changes in the speed of his Toyota Corolla Altis auto before the mischance.

“The report, which was gotten by police a week ago, uncovered that around 4.6 seconds before the crash, the auto was moving at 105 km/hr. Around 2.1 seconds before the crash, the speed was diminished to 93 km/hr, and till 1.6 seconds before the crash, no break was connected. This demonstrates the driver was not in charge. The reports have demonstrated that auto was at a fast. This can be viewed as a ponder demonstration; thus we moved court and court acknowledged our petition. We have booked Vikram under Section 304 of IPC,” a cop had said.

Police asserted that as indicated by the confirmation, Vikram knew what he was doing. On the off chance that demonstrated blame worthily he’ll be given 10 years in addition to discipline in Jail.

The on-screen character was beforehand accused of rash driving (Section 279 of the Indian Penal Code) and causing passing by carelessness (Section 304A) after the mischance, police said. Amid the past cross-examination, he admitted to having expanded liquor the evening of the mishap, however, guaranteed that he was not inebriated and the auto was not speeding. Chatterjee was on the wheels of his auto while his accomplice Sonika was on the front seat when the mishap occurred on a South Kolkata road on their way once more from a gathering on April 29.

Sonika was hurried to a city clinic where she surrendered to her wounds. The on-screen character himself maintained head damage in the mischance and was hospitalized.

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