Two more Train sets for the Lahore Orange Line Metro Train

Orange Train

Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project (LOMTP).

The manner from China to urban center via ship. Whereas four additional sets had been transported to the port of Shanghai for onward dispatch to Asian nation

. A complete of twenty seven train sets were being; foreign for the city Orange Line railway system Train.

Punjab Chief Minister’s authority and OLMT commission Chairman Khawaja Ahmad Hassan; disclosed this whereas chairing the weekly progress review meeting on weekday.
The meeting was told that civil works all out there areas on Package-I from Dera Gujjran to Chauburji had completed. However. Construction was however to be resumed at spots that were full of court restraining orders.

Orange line train
Orange line train

The meeting was informed that pace of work on Package.

“About fourth of the work for parturition track on Package-I and therefore the depot had been completed; whereas over eightieth of construction had been completed on twelve out of the thirteen stations on this package.” he added.

The meeting was sophisticated that over seventy seven of the civil works; and twenty ninth electrical and mechanical works had been completed. This enclosed construction of a bridge on city bypass; wherever parturition of track for the train was current.

NESPAK head Salman Hafeez sophisticated the meeting that progress on Package-I.

The Dera Gujjaran and GT Road to Chouburji was eighty seven.2% complete. As way as Package-II from Chouburji to Ali city was involved, 60.3% of the work was complete. Whereas progress at the depot close to Dera Gujran was eighty two.1%. Finally; eightieth of the work the accommodation yard close to Ali city was complete.

Construction of a 185-meter-long bridge on railway tracks close to parachute colony was in its final stages. And was expected to complete by the tip of the month, he said. Diesel turning locomotive had conjointly been foreign from China to use just {in case}; of emergency and actuation trains to the depot in case of a breakdown, he added. These locomotives had been position in a very depot at Dera Gujjran, he said.

Orange line metro train
Orange line metro train


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