This Is Your Chance To Meet Priyanka Chopra & Know Her Secret For Stronger Hair


The rainstorm is here and as much as I adore remaining in and tasting on my hot chai and eating pakoras, my hair is plainly despising this climate. The practically consistently lady I know is enduring a messy hair day RN. Regular is a genuine battle.

In any case, a help for this issue isthe new Pantene cleanser and conditioner! This amateur is improved with Pro-V recipe containing all the great oils my hair needs. This works from the very center of the hair fiber and reinforces the hair from the root to the tip. Believe me, you will see perceptibly thicker and more grounded hair in only 14 days.

Also, notwithstanding this Pantene and Vogue have met up interestingly, to scout for young ladies who have taken the #Strongerin14Days challenge.

Furthermore, the coolest part about this test? 29 young ladies from 29 states with the best hair change stories will get an opportunity to meet Priyanka Chopra and furthermore include in a video for Pantene.

Solid #HairGame and chillin’ with PC is an open door you would prefer not to pass up a major opportunity for!

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