This Is Why Our Navy Is The Best, You Can’t Miss The Magic!


The US Navy Band Sea Chanters demonstrated the world they have a ton of fun side as well. At the US Navy Memorial in 2014, they were presented as the “Jersey Boys.” They arranged confronting their backs to the group. At the point when the music started, the men pivoted and sang “Sherry.”

Shaped in 1956, the Sea Chanters are the official chorale of the Navy. The Chanters improve naval force mindfulness, advertising, and rouse peace and patriotism. The gathering sings everything ranges from contemporary music to choral pieces.

Individuals have the idea that the military is exceptionally unbending. All things considered, the men in the recording have exposed that myth. The men have advanced through a mixture of melodies from the 1960. The Navy shared the gathering’s execution on YouTube. The video has more than 700,000 hits. Watch the extraordinary execution beneath.

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