The Ashes: England in Australia


The Ashes: England in Australia


 On November 2017

4-5 v Western Australia XI, at Perth (Waca)

8-11 v Cricket Australia XI, at Adelaide (d/n)

15-18 v Cricket Australia XI, at Townsville

23-27 1st Test, at Brisbane timings (00:00 GMT)

 During December 2107

2-6 2nd Test,at Adelaide (d/n) timing (04:00 GMT)

9-10 v Cricket Australia XI,at Perth (venue TBC)

14-18 3rd Test, Perth (Waca) timings (02:30 GMT)

26-30 4th Test, Melbourne timings (23:30 GMT, 25-29 Dec)

 Till January 2018

4-8 5th Test,at Sydney timings (23:30 GMT, 3-7 Jan)

11 v Cricket Australia XI, at Sydney (venue TBC)

14 1st ODI, at Melbourne timings (03:20 GMT)

19 2nd ODI, at Brisbane timings (04:20 GMT)

21 3rd ODI, at Sydney timings (03:20 GMT)

26 4th ODI, at Adelaide timings (03:50 GMT)

28 5th ODI, at Perth (venue TBC)* timings(06:20 GMT)

Matches of this title are planned in Austarlia.

*The ODI in Perth will possibly can take place at the Waca, or the new Perth Stadium. Depending upon the situation the exact place will be decided.

Fro the above matches it will be following the ODIs. Eventually, England and Australia will then take part in upcoming a triangular Twenty20 series with New Zealand. This series is hosted by Australia and New Zealand. Meanwhile it will start from 3-18 February.


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