Tennessee Couple Arrested After Trying To Sell Their 5-Month-Old Son On Craigslist For $3,000!


traditionally, incompetent parents depart their undesired youngsters wrapped in a blanket on the stairs of a hearth station. but one Tennessee couple wanted a far larger return on their investment — so as a substitute, they placed their toddler up for sale on Craigslist! though John David Cain (above, left) and Deanna Lynn Greer’s (above, proper) massive payday of $three,000 in no way came, because they ended up selling their 5-month-vintage son to an secret agent!related: Emmy Rossum Robbed Of $150K well worth of jewellery! The 26-yr-old father and 37-yr-antique mom were arrested Friday afternoon in a dollar widespread parking lot, where the alleged transaction become speculated to move down. each discern is charged with irritated child abuse and annoyed toddler forget about or endangerment. Greene County Sheriff’s leader Detective Jeff Morgan says the sale offer was first observed by means of a pair in Elizabethon, Tennesseee, who got here across the Craigslist posting.

Article Source : http://bit.ly/2ogai0g


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