Sonu Nigam posted about ‘forced religiousness’. Sonu Sood gets trolled


At a young hour in the morning, Sonu Nigam was extremely vexed in light of the fact that a morning azaan that was being played on an uproarious mode woke him up. When he tweeted about it, online networking did what it’s best at doing. Insulting! Furthermore, as most circumstances, they neglected to check their identity labeling before flinging their conclusion.

On the off chance that you didn’t have a fabulous time giggling at the circumstance when Snapdeal turned into a pure casualty over what the CEO of Snapchat had professedly said in regards to India being a ‘poor nation’ then sit tight for it. This entertaining circumstance is certain to push your Monday blues away!

Here’s the manner by which everything began!

“God favor everybody. I’m not a Muslim and I must be woken up by the Azaan in the morning. At the point when will this constrained religiousness end in India,” composed Sonu Nigam on Twitter, including, “And by the way Mohammed did not have power when he made Islam.. Why do I need to have this bedlam after Edison?,” he included.

“I don’t have faith in any sanctuary or gurudwara utilizing power To wake up individuals who don’t take after the religion . Why then..? Genuine? Genuine?,” he stated, “Gundagardi hai transport… .”

Since his tweet, Sonu Nigam has been drifting in India. Being a prominent open figure hailing from the Bollywood business, he was forced to bear extreme trolling and he may wind up losing a ton of devotees via web-based networking media, yet amusingly enough, it would appear that he is by all account not the only one who is acknowledging the cold hard truth. Twitterati are likewise trolling his namesake, Sonu Sood via web-based networking media.

A completely confounded Sonu Sood took to Twitter and said,” I am as yet pondering WHO said WHAT n to WHOM n WHO’S requesting that I discover WHAT happened WHERE.”

Interestingly enough, this real perplexity comes when Twitterati had as of late mishandled an internet shopping application rather than the CEO of Snapchat. From AIB Tanmay Bhat, to typical Twitter clients, everybody had a generous time giggling at this significant goof up.

” Can’t sit tight for us to shock at Sonu Sood for his religious remarks,” Tanmay composed.

Online networking is known for being one of the noisiest places in the virtual world and to be straightforward here and there they regularly turn excessively entertaining.

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