Single Mother Sweetly Dressed As 'Dad' For Father-Daughter Dance — But The School Turned Them Away!


Being a unmarried determine is tough. however Amy Peterson would not allow the truth that she’s a unmarried mom prevent her daughter Gracie from attending her school’s annual father-daughter dance. The Georgia resident knew the bouncers at the Locust Grove fundamental college occasion wouldn’t allow her in the dance on the grounds that she wasn’t a man.associated: Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Mathers Has Grown Up! So Peterson were given innovative, dressing up like a dad to escort her 6-12 months-vintage daughter! Amy rocked a mascara beard, saggy garments, a bow tie, and a get dressed hat to complete her paternal adjust ego — however faculty leaders nonetheless turned the duo away because Amy wasn’t a person.Peterson stated she and Gracie were devastated they were not allowed to move, telling WXIA: “i was looking to follow the guidelines. I knew if I showed up as her mother, they possibly wouldn’t have allow me in.” A faculty spokesperson claimed officers contacted Peterson hours earlier than the dance to warn her they might be became away, explaining: “An hour earlier than the faculty predominant known as, announcing she stuck rumor that her (Gracie’s) mom was bringing her and he or she forbid us to come back, and if we showed up we would be turned away.” The faculty apologized and presented money back, which Peterson says would not make up for Gracie’s sadness for not being allowed into the dance. associated: Jana Kramer Criticized For Taking Daughter To SeaWorld Park! She added: “[Gracie] screamed, ‘No, why? Why do I should be the one missing a dad.’ She turned into just excited that we had been doing this collectively.” Peterson is now calling for changes to the way this sort of dance is dealt with, and is willing “to combat enamel and nail to make certain this doesn’t take place to any other baby.” Our hearts are breaking over this! The way of life of a father-daughter dance is lovable, however is it worth being so strict in case you’re ostracizing kids of unmarried parents within the technique??

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