Shah Rukh Khan says yes to Brett Ratner’s Rush Hour. He only has one condition


Brett Ratner needs to make Rush Hour in India and Shah Rukh Khan has said yes. Presently, give a moment to the news to soak in. For if this truly happens, it implies Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker and Shah Rukh Khan in the blockhead parody set in India with Ratner behind the camera. Given that SRK and Ratner are in, it might simply involve time. In any event, we are keeping our fingers crossed.

For the individuals who came in late, Shah Rukh and Brett — the Hollywood chief who has given us Rush Hour and X-Men: The Last Stand — met at the 60th San Francisco International Film Festival (SFIFF). SRK was there to acknowledge an exceptional tribute and he made Brett do the lungi move as well. Before long, the shared profound respect club between the two made them go aww. In any case, what truly stood out enough to be noticed was Brett saying he might want to make Rush Hour with Shah Rukh in India. Presently, this is not the first occasion when that a Hollywood biggie needed Shah Rukh in a film (at some point back, Hugh Jackman said SRK would be immaculate as Wolverine), however it appears this one may simply observe the light of the day. In a meeting to HT, Shah Rukh has additionally indicated excitement and said he might want to be required with Rush Hour in India.

SRK said in the meeting, “He (Brett Ratner) asked me, ‘What part should I pen you in?’ And I stated, ‘it can be whichever part and I’ll do it’. However, we’ll perceive how things go. Be that as it may, one thing I requested him to do — whether it’s with me or not – is to get Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker to shoot in India since Rush Hour is everywhere throughout the world. Also, the opportunity has already come and gone that such a superb and wonderful activity satire film came to India. I’ll get included somehow or the other. I’ll do the generation for him in the event that I am not acting.”

Given that Ratner thinks SRK is Tom Cruise, The Rock, Tom Hanks and Jackie Chan moved into one, this film may have SRK doing everything. The on-screen character himself said in regards to this compliment, “Brett is extremely generous and sweet. When he said that, he was not attempting to contrast me with any of those awesome stars that he specified. In any case, he continued saying that my assemblage of work has been very changed in the course of the most recent 25 years and he regards that a considerable measure. Along these lines, I feel that is his method for demonstrating gratefulness for the way that I’ve done various types of parts. Not the slightest bit at all show improvement over even one of them. Be that as it may, it was sweet of him to state that. He additionally said that, ‘I smell extremely tasty’. Presently, this part is valid, however I don’t think about the other.”

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