Reverse Sweep Shot in Cricket


Reverse sweep

Reverse sweep cricket shot

The term Reverse Sweep is specifically used in Cricket. In bating, the reverse sweep is a cross batted sweep shot. It is  played in the differing direction to the standard sweep. Consequently, in reverse sweep the ball is swept to off side instead of the leg side, as in standard sweep. This sweep is apparently, towards backward point or third man. It is also possible that, batsman sweep his hands on the bat handle to make the stroke easier to execute. Along with, the batsman can also bring his back foot to the front thus, making it more like a traditional sweep. Whereas, the benefit of a reverse sweep is that it forcefully reverses the fielding positions. Hence, it becomes is very difficult to set a field to. Meanwhile it is also a risky shot for the batsman. Reason, it increases the chance of LBW and for a fielder it becomes easy to top edge.

As  a matter of fact, Hanif Mohammad is believed to be inventor of reverse sweep. Although, this was played by his brother Mushtaq Ahmed in 1970s.


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