Ravish Kumars speech on Narendra Modi, fake news and society goes viral


Senior columnist Ravish Kumar has made a significant notoriety for himself with regards to tending to social and political issues. Prior, when the Union data and communicate service had announced that Hindi news channel NDTV India will be taken off-air on November 9, on the grounds that their Pathankot assault scope purportedly bargained national security, Kumar dissented by calling two emulate craftsmen to show to the watchers what happens when the specialist is made inquiries. Presently, it is his discourse on Sadbhavna Parv, at Kailash Gurukul in Gujarat’s Mahuva town that is circulating around the web.

In his discourse, Kumar ensures the uncontrolled engendering of fake news, the ‘session of disconnection’ that distinctive political gatherings play, and so on. He said he had come to go to the occasion for three reasons first, in the wake of hearing the name of the host city (Gujarat), second; Sadbhavna which is the name of the occasion, third since this is the place Mahatma Gandhi once lived. In the video, Kumar in his mark expressive design inquires as to why does the legislature and the PM fear him.

Article Source: http://bit.ly/2sdSaZB


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