In spite of being in the city, Ravi Teja and numerous others from the family avoided Bharat’s memorial service held in Jubilee Hills Mahaprasthanam, on Sunday. A write about Times of India site expresses that the on-screen character and the family were in a condition of stun and thus skirted the burial service. On Saturday, Bharat met with an auto crash as his red Skoda slammed into a truck that was stopped out and about. Because of the speed at which it was going, it was an enormous crash, bringing about a moment passing. The body was taken to the Osmania General Hospital funeral home, be that as it may, Ravi Teja did not go to see his sibling’s body. Everything was done in a flurry of taking his body to the morgue to completing a quick incineration of the body. The cover the site additionally expresses that Bharat’s body was neither taken to his own level or Ravi Teja’s. With the exception of the on-screen character’s more youthful sibling Raghu, none of the alternate individuals went to the burial service.

Uttej, who is near Ravi Teja expressed that the family was in a condition of stun, because of which, they abstained from going to the last rituals. They experienced issues in confronting the state in which Bharat’s body was found. The red Skoda was enrolled under his mom Rajyalakshmi’s name. While no one from the family has put forth an official expression or remarked on the occurrence, the performer got different sympathies from the clique.

The police enlisted a case on the truck driver for carelessly stopping the vehicle. In any case, they haven’t precluded driving in impact as a reason for the crash. On Sunday, an officer educated “The previous evening, around 11 p.m., the mishap happened on Outer Ring Road close Shamshabad. Bharat was driving a Red Skoda, which slammed into the back of a stopped truck. Because of the fast impact, he kicked the bucket on the spot.” Bharat was once captured for ownership of cocaine, consequently, driving under impact has not been discounted. A report from the crime scene investigation is yet to be discharged. That would decide the real reason for the mishap. We trust the family remains solid.

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