Railway loses revenue as sugar production falls in Pune


A SHARP plunge in the sugar generation in Pune and bordering regions has prompted a fall in the acquiring of Pune Division of the Indian Railways as well, as the cargo winning from sugar transport has fallen by 25 for every penny in the course of the most recent year. Because of the dry spell circumstance a year ago, sugar generation in the state had boiled down to half of its normal yearly creation — from 86 lakh tons in 2015-16 to 41 lakh tons in 2016-17.

Railroads is thought to be the favored method of transport for sugar committals. Sugar is taken from Pune and connecting regions to northern, north-eastern states and to southern ports, from where it is sent out. Data gave by the authorities demonstrates that the Pune Division earned Rs 1,113.48 crore in 2016-17, which is five for every penny not as much as the last money related year, when it had earned Rs 1,169.35

The division recorded a five for every penny increment in the income earned from traveler toll, 10 for every penny increment in the cash earned from punishments yet a sharp decrease was seen in the cargo acquiring. This year, an aggregate of 795.36 lakh travelers went in trains worked by the Pune Division, paying a sum of Rs 800 crore in charges.

Essentially, 2.53 lakh travelers went with invalid tickets or did not pay for gear, spending Rs 12.82 crore in punishment. Incomes of railroad divisions in western and focal Maharashtra are frequently connected to horticulture creations, particularly sugarcane gather. In 2014-15, when the state had recorded a guard reap, with an incredible 105 lakh tons creation of sugar, the Pune Division had recorded a 43 for each penny climb in cargo income.

Sources by :  http://bit.ly/2o2h8WF


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