PCB, WICB sign Five year Bilateral contract for T20 Series.

Pakistan National cricket team

Chairman (PCB) Najam Sethi Contract with West Indies for T20 Series.

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Najam Sethi on weekday discovered that they need signed a five-year contract with; the Indies Cricket Board (WICB) to play a bilateral T20I series.

Sethi, whereas addressing media at Lahore’s leader construction, aforesaid that speculation regarding West Indies’ refusal play in Asian nation.

Pakistan Cricket team
Pakistan Cricket team

“There is a very important announcement; I didn’t need to delay it any longer,” aforesaid Sethi. “All of you’re inquisitive about the West Indies’ tour, thus i need to clarify true.”
“Pakistan associated the Indies cricket boards have signed an agreement to play a series of T20 matches every year. For consequent 5 years, in Asian nation and within the U.S.A., subject to the provision of dates and venues.

Pakistan Vs West Indies
Pakistan Vs West Indies

PCB fabrication 3 Match T20 series declared.

West Indies were imagine to tour country in November for 3 match T20I series declare earlier by PCB chairman; however thanks to inclement air pollution condition in Lahore, their visit was delay to March next year.

West Indies tour deferred thanks to air pollution

WICB has confirmed that complete national team can visit Asian nation in 2018 and participate in 3 T20I matches; On March twenty nine, thirty one and Gregorian calendar month one, severally,” aforesaid Sethi. “There were talks that the series ought to be compete in November, however the weather weren’t sensible.

The 69-year-old additional then discovered the small print of the series. “Now we’ll begin everything from March next year. the primary series are in Asian nation, then we’ll move to America to play the [reciprocal]series. He said, “The series in America are a tri-nation affair which can embrace Asian nation; The Indies and a 3rd country.”

PCB Fabrication
PCB Fabrication

PCB Assembly sign Five year contact with West Indies.

When asked why did they opt for the U.S.A. and not the Indies for the reciprocal tour, Sethi said; “It was their would like. They assume holding a series within the U.S.A. is financially a lot of possible. And if you examine it, a three-nation tournament can attract plenty of interest.”

The clarification from the PCB chairman came once speculations regarding the Indies started emergence; That claimed that the players don’t seem to be “happy with security. Square measure “unavailable” and square measure demanding additional money. However Sethi shot all of the rumours down.

“I wished to reveal this so it might become clear that the visits to Asian nation by international groups. And therefore the five-year contract with the Indies explains our position,” he said.

He additional that once Sri Lanka’s visit last month, plenty different countries have additionally shown interest in visiting Asian nation. Many countries have contacted U.S.A. for, however we tend to square measure reluctant to speak to any of them.



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