NEW YORK CBS News fired morning show host Charlie Rose

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The network’s news president.

David Rhodes, aforesaid there’s nothing additional vital than reassuring a secure, skilled geographic point.

To date, there are no accusations of unhealthy behavior by Rose from people that work on CBS News. He’s been a co-host of “CBS This Morning; since 2012 and a contributor to “60 Minutes.” The allegations, 1st printed within the Washington Post; area unit from people that worked with him or prospective workers at his nightly PBS show. That has been suspended by that network.
I’ve usually detected that things accustomed vary,” Rhodes aforesaid in a very note to CBS News workers. “And nobody is also ready to correct the past. however what might once are; accepted mustn’t ever are acceptable.”

He noted that CBS News has reportable on sexual; misconduct revelations at different media firms for the past 2 years. “Our credibleness therein reportage needs credibleness managing basic standards of behavior. He wrote. “That is why we’ve taken these actions.”

There’s been a flood of misconduct stories involving outstanding men since.

The ny Times re portable on Hollywood mogul doctor Weinstein this fall. Predating that area unit harassment accusations that price former Fox. News chief operating officer Roger Ailes and therefore the network’s high temperament. Bill O’Reilly, their jobs.

Several girls have suspect Rose of touching them on the breasts. Buttocks or thigh, rising naked from a shower after they were engaging at his residence and; in one case, occupation a 21-year-old staff member to inform; his fantasies of seeing her swim within the nude. A former associate producer for Rose’s PBS show. Reah Bravo, told the Washington Post. “He was a sexual predator, and that i was his victim.”

Rose had no immediate reaction to his firing. During a statement late Monday, he apologized for his actions and; aforementioned he was “deeply embarrassed.”

Rose’s 2 co-hosts on “CBS This Morning;” Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell; were sharply crucial of their colleague on the air Tues. The story of Rose’s behavior light-emitting diode his former broadcast.


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