‘Molestation’ at park circus: Kolkata Police track accused through victim’s recollection of bike number


“Attack” at stop carnival: Kolkata Police track blamed through casualty’s memory for bicycle number

Two people, including a minor, were captured by the Kolkata Police on Saturday for professedly attacking a 16-year-old fashioned understudy. The blamed, Mohammed Sajid and the minor, were gotten from Beniyapukur territory of the city. Police sources said that on April 12, the charged purportedly took after the young lady on a bike when she was returning home from educational costs and attacked her.

“The two denounced began taking after the young lady close Park Circus. The young lady attempted to get away, however the twosome ceased their bicycle, moved toward her and attacked her,” a cop said. The young lady recorded a grumbling at Beniyapukur police headquarters that day.

The charged people were found by exploring officers in light of their cruiser’s enlistment number, as the young lady had recalled a portion of the digits. Both of the charged were created in a Sealdah court on Saturday. One of the charged, Sajid, has been remanded to police authority till April 26. The minor, then again, has been sent to an adolescent home.

Sources by : http://bit.ly/2p9ISwD


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