Modi government ‘neglecting’ Tamil Nadu farmers’ interests, says DMK chief Stalin


Blaming the BJP-drove Central Government for disregarding Tamil Nadu’s interests, DMK working president M K Stalin on Tuesday affirmed it had neglected to turn its thoughtfulness regarding the misfortunes of ranchers upsetting in the national capital for more than 20 days. “In spite of suicides of almost 250 ranchers in Tamil Nadu,the Modi government is not keen on taking care of major issues being confronted by the disturbing agriculturists,” he told correspondents at the airplane terminal here.

On the April 12 R K Nagar by-survey, the restriction pioneer in the Assembly said both AIADMK groups would lose their stores.

Stalin, on his approach to Alampalayam close Pollachi to mourn the demise of DMK pioneer and previous union clergyman M Kannappan’s significant other, said the Election Commission ought to proceed with its means to anticipate cash stream in R K Nagar voting public.

To a question on the gathering’s stand on Hindi in the wake of its restriction to developments in English in the state being supposedly supplanted with Hindi, he said “DMK has constantly contradicted inconvenience of Hindi and will keep on doing so.”

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