Mobile connectivity best on Delhi-Kolkata rail route: Study


The Delhi-Kolkata rail route has the best mobile network coverage, according to a study conducted by a travel portal. “The Delhi-Howrah route scores the highest … 88 per cent network coverage followed by the Bangalore-Chennai route with 78 per cent and the Delhi-Mumbai route at 74 per cent.

“While stations are getting high-speed WiFi connection, the RailYatri data showed fluctuating mobile connectivity on long-distance train routes,” Manish Rathi, the CEO of, said.

The study indicates that on some routes, the network connectivity is as high as 70-88 per cent and at other places it drops to 20 per cent, depending on the network providers available.

The Bangalore-Mumbai-Kolkata rail route has 63 per cent mobile network coverage, and the Mumbai-Bangalore and Mumbai-Chennai routes 58 per cent. RailYatri has also launched a mobile application which enables a passenger to check network connectivity on any train route. Railways aims to provide free WiFi at 400 major stations. At present, the facility is available at 120 stations.

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