Mercedes Benz s class Mechanical Upgrades Increasing Company’s Share Prices

mercedes benz s class specifications

The 900 model is predicated on a Mercedes-Maybach S650, however Brabus has bored out the V12 from half-dozen.0-litres to six.3-litres. The crazy tuner people have conjointly squeezed out 888bhp and 1106lb foot of force from the V12 – 267bhp and a thumping 500lb foot quite the wafty Maybach.

Mercedes Benz s class Mechanical Upgrades

New turbos, conrods and system area unit among the mechanical upgrades, together with a Brabus-specific body kit and big alloys.

If you decide for the less-powerful however still even as mental 700 version, its 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 cranks out 691bhp and 701lb foot. This one is predicated on the facelifted Mercedes-AMG S63.

Brabus is keen to worry that it’s not on the subject of performance either – patrons will description a large load of tailored personalisation choices within, too. The Maybach-based 900 version is pictured with large tan animal skin armchairs within the rear with workstations and thick animal skin upholstery of Brabus’ own specifications.

Mercedes Benz s class:

mercedes benz s class

The 700 goes for the dead out look within, with carbonfibre inserts and flashes of red within the dashboard, and black animal skin seating with a pattern not dissimilar in style to the armour baseball players wear. We’ll leave it up to you on whether or not you think that they appear smart or not…

How much? we have a tendency to don’t understand however – Brabus hasn’t aforementioned. Expect each to be super pricey, particularly considering a basic Maybach can set you back a minimum of £175k.

Mercedes Benz s class Specifications:


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