Malayalam actress assault case: Actor Dileep files 'blackmail' complaint against main accused

Quetta Gladiaters 17th Over
Quetta Gladiaters 17th Over

A sound recording of an implied telephonic talk by the fundamental blamed in the electrifying kidnapping and attack of a South Indian performing artist “coercing” Malayalam on-screen character Dileep through his assistant surfaced today.

The sound clasp was publicized by Malayalam TV channels a day after the performing artist revealed he has recorded a police grumbling on 20 April asserting coercion by a man, who guaranteed to be a companion of Pulsar Suni, the prime denounced for the situation.

In the sound, Suni, as of now held up in the Ernakulam District imprison close Kochi, purportedly revealed to Dileep’s administrator that cash ought to be given if the on-screen character’s name ought not to be dragged into the situation.

By chance, this discussion was affirmed to have occurred before 20 April when Dileep had recorded the police objection alongside confirmations of extorting in light of the telephonic discuss one Vishnu, who guaranteed him to be Suni’s companion, with his companion and film chief Nadirshah.


Vishnu had professedly requested a tremendous total of cash from the on-screen character. Police stayed tight-lipped about the “coercion” sound.

Whenever reached, a top cop expelled as hypothesis media reports that the police did not appreciate examining into Dileep’s objection charging coercion.

“We have been on work since the on-screen character stopped the protestation. It got open consideration now simply after the media came to think about it two days prior”, the official, who declined to be named, told PTI.

The authority sidestepped an immediate response to an inquiry whether Vishnu has been arrested for cross-examination.

“Every one of the individuals who is associated with the case was cross-examined”, the authority said.

Nadirshah had said Vishnu guaranteed to have imparted a cell to Suni in prison and revealed to him that a few people in the Malayalam film world have offered to offer cash to Suni on the off chance that he ensnared Dileep in the snatching of the performing artist on 17 February.

The disclosure came in the wake of media reports that the police is wanting to revive the kidnapping and ambush case.

Dileep had before hammered a segment of the media for “focusing on” him regarding the affirmed kidnapping and provocation of the performing artist by a group of men.

Dileep, who as of late got hitched to Malayalam performing artist Kavya Madhavan, had said he didn’t have any contact, specifically or in a roundabout way, with any of the blamed required in the “intolerable wrongdoing.”

Six people, including “Pulsar” Suni, Martin and Vignesh were captured by police regarding the occurrence in which the on-screen character was snatched and supposedly attacked inside her auto for two hours by the denounced, who had constrained their way into the vehicle and later gotten away in a bustling zone in Kochi.


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