Lahore Qalandars Player Hafiz Usman Qadir


Hafiz Usman Qadir

Hafiz Usman Qadir was born 10 on August 1993, Lahore. Hafiz Usman Qadir is a Pakistan cricketer. Usman is the son of erstwhile Test cricketer respected Abdul Qadir, Qadir was playing locally for Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. additionally for the Lahore Eagles, and he also was part of the bronze-medal-winning group at the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. In November 2010,Usman Qadir was previously the part of team at the Asian Games in Guangzhou, China. That match was won by bronze medal by beating Sri Lanka in the 3rd place playoffs. During 2012, Usman Qadir was encouraged to appear by Australia by Darren Berry, he had played for the Adelaide Cricket Club in South Australia during the 2012–13 tournament and trying to take decision whether to make his cricket career in Australia.


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