Is Sonam Kapoor Miffed With Ranbir Kapoor For Calling Katrina Kaif A Fashion Icon?

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Sonam Kapoor is the undisputed fashionista of Bollywood. I think we would all be able to concur that there’s nobody near her with regards to spearheading and setting new mold patterns. What’s more, Sonam wears this title with aplomb!

Maybe this is the reason she was purportedly miffed with Ranbir Kapoor for contrasting Katrina Kaif with her and lauding the previous’ design sense. As per a report in Pinkvilla, Ranbir had stated:

Katrina is the path in front of individuals with regards to mold, particularly in India. She finds certain brands that no one knows and she wears it 3 months before individuals become more acquainted with about it. That is the reason possibly individuals don’t think of her as (Katrina) like individuals consider Sonam Kapoor. I do accept there is some mold symbol some place inside her however she is exceptionally bashful about it.

Katrina additionally ringed in with an expression of gratefulness for Sonam, saying:

Sonam is mind blowing with her feeling of form. I don’t have that and I simply wear what I like.

However, Sonam isn’t satisfied with Ranbir’s remarks. As per a Pinkvilla source, she professedly discovers this examination with Katrina “senseless and arbitrary”. She feels that they are at various levels with regards to mold, and she has more information about it than Katrina at any point had. Additionally, Sonam professedly said that Katrina is not testing with her style and looks, dissimilar to her.

The source likewise said that Sonam feels it’s a limited time spell by Ranbir for Jagga Jasoos, and he will change his tunes appropriately when they begin advancing the Sanjay Dutt biopic together.

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