Hugh Jackman Thinks Shah Rukh Khan Could Probaaaably Be The Next Wolverine

Hugh Jackman has been assuming the part of Wolverine for 17 frikkin’ years and been bleeding great at it.
Hugh Jackman has been playing the role of Wolverine for 17 frikkin' years and been bloody good at it.
He’s been all over the place as of late advancing Logan, his last film as Wolverine.
He's been out and about recently promoting Logan, his final film as Wolverine.
In a meeting with Rajeev Masand, Jackman was gotten some information about giving over the part to another person.
In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Jackman was asked how he'd feel about handing over the role to someone else.
His answer began off with a good feeling.
His answer started off with a sense of relief.
And after that he went ahead to coolly select Shah Rukh Khan as a possibility for the part.
And then he went on to casually nominate Shah Rukh Khan as a candidate for the role.
Inside no season of the meeting discharging, Hugh Jackman began slanting in India.
Jackman, however, added that he didn’t need anybody to best him at the part (as though that was even conceivable).
Jackman, though, did add that he didn't want anyone to best him at the role (as if that was even possible).
For the individuals who are pondering, here’s a thought of what Shah Rukh would look like in the part.
For those who are wondering, here's an idea of what Shah Rukh would look like in the role.


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