Homeless Man’s Unbelievable Transformation Into “Hipster” Makes Him Burst Into Tears

The story behind Aamir Khan Movie 'Dangal'
The story behind Aamir Khan Movie 'Dangal'

At the point when this vagrant in Spain was charitably given a makeover by a nearby salon, he likewise got another rent on life. With the assistance of some scissors, hair color, and a spiffy new outfit, Jose Antonio went from scruffy road tenant to tasteful trendy person, and could barely perceive himself a short time later.

Jose, referred to tenderly as Josete by local people in his local Palma, put in 25 years living in the city. Salva Garcia, proprietor of La Salvajeria hair salon, welcomed Jose to come and get tidied up. When they revealed the mirror to demonstrate to him his newly trimmed facial hair and lavish chestnut hair, he started to wail. “My God… Is this me?” He shouts in a video of the change delivered by the salon.

Overflowing with satisfaction, Jose hit the town. Local people who were utilized to his previous appearance heaved in stun, yelling compliments from a remote place. La Salvajeria has since uncovered to Spanish TV stations that Jose is presently accepting money related help from an anonymous organization and is off the boulevards. “It wasn’t only a change of look. It changed my life,” he told correspondents.

Jose Antonio lived in the city of Palma, Spain, for a long time
He was outstanding by local people and helped many stop their autos in the town’s primary square for a little wage
Salva Garcia, proprietor of La Salvajeria hair salon, welcomed Jose to come in and get tidied up for nothing
This was no simple undertaking, as Jose’s long and scruffy hair – including his whiskers – must be hacked and restrained
Jose’s hair was additionally colored dull cocoa, since a more young appearance could help him locate a superior occupation 
homeless-man-transformation-jose-antonio-9Locals likewise furnished Jose with a fresh new white shirt, and some trimmed red jeans

He requested that the salon’s mirror be secured until his makeover was done
When they at long last opened it, Jose was overcome by feeling and started to wail


El espiritu de la plaza

Todos tenemos una historia.. y esta es una de esas que vale la pena contar.Hoy la salvajería cumple 3 años, y queremos compartir con vosotros nuestro proyecto más personal.nuestro resumen de estos 3 años es; el rodearte de buenas personas te hace feliz!

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He was scarcely unmistakable from some time recently. “My God… Is this me?”


He noisily shouted Brimming with delight, Jose hit the town,


and paraded the majority of his newly discovered “trendy person” radiance “It wasn’t only a change of look. It changed my life,” he disclosed to Spanish correspondents about his change
Local people needed to do a twofold take just to acknowledge his identity,


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