When the Hindu devotee went to Karbala. Full story


Karbala History.

Despite the distinction of religion, Shankar could be a staunch follower of the grandchild of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

Interestingly, he’s among the few non-Muslims in West Pakistan United Nations agency  mourning gatherings throughout the holy month of Muharrum.
Shankar calls himself an area time ‘Zakir’. “Though i’m a Hindu, my beliefs conjointly create Pine Tree State Associate in Nursing Ahl-e-Tashi ( religious order faculty of thought).

For years, the 65-year-old Hindu addresses Majalis in several cities of geographical area and Sindh provinces, reading Rubaye. Mir Anees and Hindu deity Roop Kumari throughout the Majalis in Muharrum.

This year, however, he took a journey to historic Kerbala, incident that diode to the martyrdom of Moslem Hussain (ra).
Sindh’s Hindus say Kerbala message is universal

Shankar is presently on a journey in Asian nation, a rustic packed with religiously-significant sites for religious order Muslims round.

Hindu Religion
Hindu Religion

Hindus fleeing Asian nation violence hope for shelter in Modi’s Republic of India.

Shankar started his journey from alittle city of Chachro in Tharparkar to Kerbala, the resting place of Moslem Hussain (ra).

“Now, I even have finally become a ‘Zawar’ (one United Nations agency performs pilgrimage) with blessing of Moslem Hussain (ra).” the 65-year-old with pride told The specific apsis over the phone from Kerbala.

Muslim Women
Muslim Women

Sindh’s Hindus say Karbala message is universal.

“I am Associate in Nursing Azadar-e-Hussain (mourner of Moslem Hussain (ra)),” he quickly adds within the same breath.

It took him seven hours to achieve metropolis took right away flight to Najaf on Hallowmass with bunch of 15 Muslim devotees. From Najaf, they visited Kerbala on foot.

“It took United States 3 days and nights to hide a distance of eighty kilometers from Najaf to Kerbala by walking,” he said, adding the cluster finally reached their destination on Nov eight.

Walking from one of Iraq town to the opposite – Najaf to Kerbala – throughout Chehlum (called Arabin in Iraq) could be a tradition followed by the pilgrims for hundreds of years.

Hindus fleeing Asian nation violence hope for shelter in Modi’s Asian country.


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