Here’s why Shah Rukh Khan and Akshay Kumar’s Independence Day clash will be different from their previous ones


No one needs a conflict and Bollywood unquestionably isn’t enamored with it. A biggie going up against another similarly enormous film implies loss of a considerable measure of income. Had they discharged independently, the salary would be more in light of the fact that there would be just a single film playing at most number of screens. Be that as it may, Akshay Kumar’s Toilet Ek Prem Katha and Shah Rukh Khan’s film with Imtiaz Ali are conflicting in the cinema world regardless of the possibility that it implies separated result. We disclosed to you how history has treated SRK and Akshay’s movies in the past at whatever point they discharged together. Shah Rukh Khan has a high ground there however this is 2017 and from what we see, Akshay is in a more invaluable position than him. Give us a chance to disclose to you why.

Film industry standing

Akshay Kumar is getting a charge out of a sublime keep running in the cinema world. Every one of his movies a year ago scored over Rs. 100 crore which even made him win more than Salman Khan regardless of the last giving a Rs. 300 crore film with Sultan. Truth be told, his initial 2017 discharge has likewise earned the pined for number. Plainly, he is the sweetheart of the movies by and by. Presently coming to Shah Rukh Khan, after Happy New Year, Raees is maybe the main film he can gloat about being a hit. In any case, it’s only a hit and not a blockbuster, that is not what one anticipates from him. Fan bombed hopelessly notwithstanding it getting a decent and solo discharge. Dilwale missed out to Ranveer Singh’s Bajirao Mastani. From what we see, we haven’t had an All Time Blockbuster from SRK since a couple of years now.

Spending splendor

Akshay Kumar has made sense of a trap to transform his movies into cash spinners in the cinema world. He keeps the generation cost unobtrusive as well as ensures there is no postponement in shooting the film. In the previous couple of years, his movies have all been reasonably planned and toward the finish of its run, every one of them have earned cash. Latrine Ek Prem Katha too is made at a modest spending plan and he has officially wrapped up the film. So regardless of the possibility that it gets influenced by the SRK wave in the cinematic world, it wouldn’t make much harm the film. Shah Rukh’s Imtiaz Ali coordinated film has been extremely shot at numerous open air areas which at any rate spikes the financial plan. On account of that, a conflict may make things troublesome for his film. Since the venture is substantial, comparative increases are normal which may not be a probability.

Satisfying the fans

Akshay Kumar has constantly made it an indicate do movies which satisfies him as a performer as well as his fans too. He comprehends what his fans need and he has conveyed. Latrine Ek Prem Katha has a fundamental message of sterile poop or Swacch Bharat mission at the center of it. Be that as it may, we are almost certain it will be a long way from being sermonizing. He is known to give out messages through his movies and furthermore make them engaging. With respect to an Imtiaz Ali coordinated film, the main thing we can put money on is Shah Rukh and Anushka’s sentiment directly. His last film Tamasha got great surveys however no film industry praise. There’s a sure area of the group of onlookers who makes the most of his image of silver screen which may not be pertinent to all.

Tax-exempt helper

Since the film discusses PM Narendra Modi’s Swachch Bharat crusade, there is a probability that it may accomplish a tax exempt status truly soon. That would add more numbers to its film industry count. Shah Rukh’s film will not have any such edge.

Henceforth, we feel this time Shah Rukh should pull up his socks to go up against Akshay in light of the fact that today he is a considerable rival.

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