Gujarat: 21-year old girl with 80 per cent vision loss cracks into IIM-Ahmedabad


A 21-year old BBA understudy, Prachi Sukhwani, who had lost 80 for each penny of her vision throughout the years because of macular dystrophy, has apparently satisfied her long lasting dream of splitting into one of the world’s debut administration organizations IIM Ahmedabad. As per a report by Times of India, Prachi began losing her vision because of the hereditary issue since she was in class III. She, according to the report, stayed courageous throughout the years and kept on pursueing her desire lastly satisfied it by scoring a 98.55 percentile in CAT 2016 exam, in which she showed up as a man with an incapacity.

Addressing Times of India, Prachi stated, “My fleeting objective is to join an organization, ideally a multinational. When I get some understanding, I will have my own start-up. In any case, my long haul objective is to open a NGO for the visually impaired.”

An understudy at Baroda’s Maharaja Sayajirao University’s Faculty of Commerce, Prachi was destined to Suresh Sukhwani who maintains a piece of clothing business, and Kanchan, who is a homemaker and a LIC specialist, according to the report. Addressing that day by day, Suresh said that Prachi was encouraged to peruse utilizing uncommon glasses by the specialists she has been routinely going to for most recent 15 years in Chennai. “Be that as it may, she is so immersed in studies that she observes even those glasses to be a snag for her. She got calls from all the main three IIMs, IIM-Ahmedabad, IIM-Bangalore and IIM-Kolkata, and showed up for the meetings,” he was cited by TOI.

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