Grandma’s Vacation Memories

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We took a long trek to Rhode Island to get together with our little girl and family at their getaway home on the shoreline. Being extremely on edge to see my grandson once more, I kept running into the house to get Jack and discovered his jeans full. So inside the initial 3 minutes of being on an excursion, I’m changing my grandson’s poopie diaper. Don’t sweat it, what are Grandma’s for? I went into the other room where the diaper sack was that my girl had pressed for Captain Jack and I hauled out a diaper and another pack of wipes. I got him all changed just there was one issue, come to discover those child wipes were truly furniture wipes and not the typical infant wipe I would have anticipated that would discover in the diaper bag!!!!!! Goodness no…………does that mean I simply waxed my baby?????!!!!! I’ll never experience this down……they busted me all end of the week.

Lesson of the story is to dependably realize what sort of wipe you are utilizing on your infants base, no more wax occupations for Captain Jack.

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