Waseem Akram and Shoaib Akhter on Geo Khelo Pakistan (Ticket 10 Rupees)


Write now while portraying my last year thought’s, meanwhile to me the above given scenarios were from ramadan 2016 and i thought the communities must be doing the same shit in 2017 too. But, what’s that? I just heard from one of my student that on this “Ramadan 2017” we got some new Jokers on board for ramadan 2017 transitions. Literally, i was hell shocked while hearing those names which were supposed to be among some serious guys from Pakistan. I thought that they must be joining politics like Imran Khan did, after having a break from his international cricket career.

WTF, “Shoaib akhter and Waseem Akram ended being jokers for ramadan special transmition for Pakistan, UK, USA and UAE.

Shoaib Akhtar and Wasim Akram are considered two of the greatest in Pakistan’s pantheon of fast bowlers. The two have terrorised batsmen around the world in their respective careers. In retirement, though, they seem to be trying their hands at things completely different from throwing the ball up the pitch at breakneck speeds.

The two former cricketers showed off their acting skills in an advertisement for Pakistani television game show ‘Geo Khelo Pakistan.’ In the video, Akhtar gifts Akram a hen for repaying a loan of Rs 4 lakh. The former promises Akram that the hen is special as it

Akram’s character then waits day and night for the hen to lay golden eggs. He then catches hold of Shoaib and says that let alone, laying golden eggs, the hen cannot lay eggs at all as it is a rooster. But he then gets a ticket to a game show, which is what the commercial is all about.

While how the game show does is unclear, what is certain is that the two cricketing greats can try a hand in acting. The video has created quite a buzz and has hence done the job as far as a commercial is concerned. The fact that two men who are known for being snarling, aggressive fast bowlers, could also pull their comedy hats so well has taken everyone by surprise.

Waseem bhai, Shoaib akhter is ok for such kinda jobs as we got hell of un employment in country now a days, but such sophisticated jobs don’t suites you.
(Bhai itni bhi konsi mehngai aa gai, k yeh din dekhnai par gae?)

Waseem bhai no hard feelings, jokes a part. But shoaib the Rawalpindi express kamaal kai 3rd class jokes martai ho, thorai kappil sharma kai shows hi daikh laitai bro; Kappil Sharma ka show bhi to attend kya tha aap nai. Rehnai do bhai log, aap logo ka qasoor nahi hai; bus yeh to hamari awam kai paas ap logo ko dekhnai k lyai ticket khareednai k paiso kai sath sath ab load shedding ki waja sai time bhi bohat zyada ho gaya hai.

Gabbar Shoaib Akhtar I Wasim Akram

Waseem Akram and Shoaib akhter are casting in Geo Khelo Pakistan

Geo khelo Pakistan live on Geo Super



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