Donald Trump Doesn't Like His Tiny Desk! And Twitter Can't Help But Laugh About It!


look, while Donald Trump signs a lot law promoting out our surroundings, healthcare, and lifestyle to big commercial enterprise, we should discover our kicks in which we can. On Monday, the POTUS sat right down to sign a few laws (disposing of Barack Obama policies imposing place of job safety and hard work laws and setting up federal education standards), but as typical he appeared much less like he knew what he was doing and greater like a bumbling puppet just commenting with his infamous lack of filter out. associated: past due night Hosts Have A field Day Mocking Trump & The GOP Over Their Healthcare Fail! This time, he commented on the scale of the desk, in all likelihood because it failed to overcompensate like most the whole lot the petty hotelier owns. Watch everyone inside the room pressure fun as the emperor jokes approximately sitting down at his “child’s table” (underneath)


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