Cricket pitch


Cricket pitch



In the sport of cricket, the cricket pitch consists of the middle strip of the cricket field between the wickets – 1 chain or 20.12 m (22 yards) long and 3.05 m (10 feet) wide. The surface of pitch is flat and generally covered with extremely short green grass.

In part-time matches in several parts of the world, artificial pitches are occasionally used. These can be a slab of solid, overlaid with a coir mat, artificial pitches, sometimes dirt is place over the coir mat to provide an genuine feeling pitch. While  Artificial pitches are infrequent in professional cricket, these type of pitches being used only when exhibition matches are played in regions where cricket is not a common sport.

The pitch has detailed markings delineating the creases, as precise by the Laws of Cricket.

The word wicket frequently occurs in reference to the pitch. Although in principle incorrect according to the Laws of Cricket, cricket players, followers, and commentators persist in the habit, with situation eliminating any possible ambiguity. Track is however another synonym for pitch.


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