Cops Spots A Man Trying To Commit Suicide. He Then Does This… Shocking!


A cop while driving his car spots a person going through some activity. The outsider is going towards the edge at the bridge. Sergeant Greg Bogert springs enthusiastically.

The cop comes down from the car and approaches the person; however the man is so determined to get to the edge so that he begins running. He’s crying and appears to be intense at something or somebody. One look and a little insight tell the cop that this person is really set on taking his own life. He wants to do suicide!

The cop pursues the man shouting at him not to do it. Fortunately, the cop is speedier. He gets to him and pins him down. Turns out, the man had conjugal issues and that is the reason he needed to execute himself.

The video was caught by the squad car dash cam. Watch and SHARE with all on Facebook!

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