Burning questions for the top ‘Hall of Fame’ reviewer on Amazon

Since September, financial advisor Joanna Daneman has written Amazon reviews of a vertical chicken roaster, a toilet flush lever, a pan for making Japanese omelets, a Dear Drew by Drew Barrymore hair dryer, a foam roller, Tide laundry detergent smart pouches, a paperback about guitar music, squeaking dog toys, an electric kettle, and a leakproof bento-box lunch carrier. And that’s not the half of it.

Daneman sits at the top of Amazon’s “Hall of Fame Reviewers” list, having authored more than 3,000 reviews. Back around the turn of the century, she was living in Germany and ordering English books off of Amazon. “I would read the reviews, and man, they were the best thing,” she remembers; she started writing them herself. “I always try to make the reviews a little bit more than dry fact—I put a little bit of something in there to make it interesting to read.”

Of course, Amazon sells much more than books now. Daneman estimates she writes two to three reviews per day, evaluating items like a Panasonic phone system and rare-earth magnets. We recently got her on the phone to ask some questions from our staff.


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