Akshay Kumar reacts to reports of Salman Khan opting out of Battle of Saragarhi


The film we have all been sitting tight for where three Bollywood biggies, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Karan Johar meet up may not take off yet as Khan has pulled out. We had laid out the reason and it has a great deal to do with the way that the genius as of late had an aftermath with his director, Reshma Shetty. On the off chance that you parents didn’t have even inkling, right now she is taking care of Akshay! Believe it or not. So might it be able to be this caused a crack between the two on-screen characters? At the point when the performer was tested about this by Mumbai Mirror, he responded, “I have not gotten notification from Salman or any other individual about this.”

As indicated by a source near this advancement, we have revealed to EXCLUSIVELY that one reason for the aftermath had more to do with Reshma Shetty’s association with the venture and not with her marking Akshay as a customer. The arrangement that was struck between Dharma Productions and Salman’s SKF was all on account of Reshma’s coordination. In spite of not being the whiz’s administrator, she is particularly a piece of the venture. Hence, Salman chose to quit. The goal-oriented war film should go on floors in 2018. We hear this isn’t the main reason however that Ajay Devgn’s disappointment additionally has a great deal to do with Salman venturing out of this film. Before KJo, Devgn officially anticipated making a motion picture in the Battle of Saragarhi. The news of Johar making the film that too with Salman clearly troubled him and he addressed the genius on the same.

While Salman hasn’t put forth any expressions on the same yet, we think about whether we ought to be energized for the venture with all the inconvenience that is preparing in the maker’s inlet. It baffles us that Akshay is not comfortable with this news but rather he’s, for the most part, heading out to places, shooting on different ventures so likely e didn’t an opportunity to look at the story. In his meeting with Mirror, he additionally talked about how Reshma turned into his chief. He stated, “Reshma and I are the two compulsive workers. I have constantly respected her for being such a diligent employee. She is somebody I generally needed to work with yet things didn’t fall set up before. This time, we discovered shared an opinion, henceforth the choice to start another affiliation.”

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