Malka Leifer wanted in Australia for 74 child abuse cases filed against her.Malka Leifer

As per ABC Australia, “Malka Leifer wanted in Australia on 74 charges of child sex abuse.” 54 years old Malka Leifer arrested by local police on February 12.



According to the Australian journalist, Sophie McNeill:

Ms. Leifer the former ultra-orthodox girls school Principle in Melbourne is wanted by Victorian police. As Per Police Records accuse carries  74 charges of child sexual abuse, And rape.

The latest on 74 child abuse cases by ABC News reported that on February 12 the accused was taken into custody by Israeli police. Moreover, as per Israeli authorities, the suspect expulsion to Australia was requested by Victorian authorities since last three years. Israeli police quoted that they have arrested 54-year-old former principal of Melbourne’s Addas ultra-orthodox girls school on the orders of Jerusalem court; authorities aforementioned that arrest warrants were issued as the victim was requiring faking the court since last 3 years.

Malka Leifer was faking the court for past 3 years with an excuse of her mental illness to stop her expulsion to Australia.

Girl abused by MALKA LEIFERABC News Australia Posted an image of child abuse suspect Malka Leifer on 

Malka Leifer has been accused of molesting her students at an ultra-Orthodox Jewish school in Melbourne.



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