87-year-old spent 13 hours in wet clothes after British Airways refused her to use toilet


In a stunning episode, an old woman was embarrassed and made to sit in her wet garments on a 13-hour-long flight by the British Airways. The 87-year-old lady was banished from utilizing the can by a flight orderly as the plane was on the runway holding up to take-off. Be that as it may, reports recommend the plane wound up tending to the runway for a hour and a half, bringing about the elderly woman wetting herself. The episode had happened on a British Airways flights flying from Los Angeles to London on December 22, a year ago.

Kocharik Tsamouzian needed to utilize the loo not long after getting onto the flight yet the lodge team denied her platitude the flight would take off soon. The ghastly difficulty was shared by her girl who educated that the attendant hindered her way in the walkway in spite of her asking a few times. “She stated, ‘You’re not heading off to the can’ and remained before her,” the little girl disclosed to Daily Mail.

The poor woman spent whatever is left of her trip in torment and in tears as she couldn’t put on something else.

English Airways has recognized the episode and offered a remuneration of unimportant £40. In any case, the air bearer has not issued any formal statement of regret, the little girl of the elderly lady disclosed to Daily Mail.

“They offered me just £40 pay. It is an affront. I was shaking with outrage. I messaged and said I request to address somebody. This is debasing, annoying, I wouldn’t take £4,000 from you… I need a legitimate expression of remorse,” her girl Behroozi, who lives in L.A told the news association.

Behroozi likewise educated that her mom who lives in London has declined to fly out of London until the end of time. “She said she will never travel to the UK again. She experienced such a trial she said she will never travel to see me again. I go and visit her in LA each a few months.’

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