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7 Shocking Photos Reveal What 100 Years Of Climate Change Has Done To Arctic Glaciers


In the mid 1900’s, Arctic icy masses were nature’s most strange and unfamiliar marvels. More than 100 years of research, investigation, and misuse later, the ice sheets have turned into an unpleasant demonstration of the impacts of environmental change.

Christian Åslund, a Swedish photojournalist who works with Greenpeace, assembled some early photographs of icy masses in Svalbard, Norway from the Norwegian Polar Institute, and compared them by his own photographs of similar areas from 2002. The distinctions were mind blowing. He’s utilizing the photograph arrangement to advance #MyClimateAction, a National Geographic crusade empowering exchange about environmental change, and as a challenge against Norwegian oil organizations boring in the dissolving Arctic.

See each alarming correlation underneath, and sign Save The Arctic’s appeal to against Arctic oil here.








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